Château Sainte Roseline patrimoine historique préservé vivant

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Both a Site and a Cru Classé de Provence, Château Sainte Roseline has a rich historical heritage and unique architecture.

Enclosed in the estate, the Communal Chapel of Sainte Roseline has been listed as a historical monument since 1980. It houses the body and relics of Sainte Roseline, Mother Prioress of the 14th century to whom we owe many miracles.

Witness to the history of the estate, we are helping to preserve this religious monument by donating a fixed amount for each sale of our prestigious cuvée that bears its name: La Chapelle. These donations provide financial support for the renovation work.

Adjoining the abbey, the Cloister, endowed with beautiful half-Gothic, half-Romanesque warheads, belongs to the estate. Restored and now regularly maintained, it testifies to the religious presence since the 12th century on the estates.

It is important to us to continue to bring it to life to prolong its history: it is the essential stopover for our tasting tours and now hosts private events.