The harvest of the olives occured a few days ago!


The Château Sainte Roseline is not only a matter of grapes and wines (110 acres of vines). The estate also offers 3 acres of olive trees whichmeans about 1000 trees that are a symbol of Provence. An extra virgin oil, a very tasty and elegant olive oil is produced everyyear at Chateau Sainte Roseline. Time has come to harvest these trees on thursday 22nd of october.


Olivier en provence au domaine chateau sainte roseline

Did you know that ?

Each year, we harvest olives at the mid-term stage of the growing process to obtain a perfectly balanced olive oil, between acidity and fruit. The later the harvest, the more fruity the olive oil will be.

This year, the harvest looks both qualitative and quantitative. Produced in limited quantities, Château Sainte Roseline ‘s olive oil is sold only at the estate’s shop.

How do I know the olives are ripe?


The olives gradually become coloured. At first, these are green, then purple and end the growing process with a beautiful black color. You have to wait for the very first frosts to harvest the black olives. THesewilllose their bitterness and will be full of oil.If temperatures go under minus 5 celsius degrees, the black olives will be marked by wrinkles.

La récolte des olives au domaine sainte roseline en provence

A typical Provençal olive oil ideal to consume cold in all Mediterranean salads.

Suggested food and wine pairing: Tomatoes and mozzarella di buffala, garlic bread, homemade hummus, grilled summer vegetables…

L'huile d'olive du Château Sainte Roseline Provence

Château Sainte Roseline, Cru Classé de Provence since 1955. See you at our estate’s shop based in les Arcs-sur-Argens to taste our olive oil.