Viticulture RSE Sainte-Roseline

Reinventing the agriculture of tomorrow

Agriculture is currently experiencing organizational, societal and climatic upheavals that are impacting the business model in the sector. Winegrowers are closely concerned.

A major issue unites us: the preservation of our resources. It is in the service of sustainable viticulture, with a view to providing sustainable solutions for the production of Provence wines, that four players have joined forces and launched the MYCOVIGNE project.

The start-up Mycophyto, Crédit Agricole, Center du Rosé and Château Sainte Roseline are experimenting, in Arcs-sur-Argens, with the benefits of controlled mycorrhization. This is how the MYCOVIGNE project was born.

It is based on complementary expertise :

• The unique expertise in mycorrhizal symbiosis and soil biodiversity of the deep-tech Mycophyto

• Experience in the launch and implementation of experiments on vines at the Center du Rosé with the Institut Français de la Vigne and du Vin

• The support and financial support of the Caisse Régionale du Crédit Agricole Provence Côte d'Azur

• The place conducive to the realization of the said project which is held on a plot of Château Sainte Roseline

The MYCOVIGNE project will provide answers to major challenges such as the reduction of inputs (fertilizer, structure, energy, labor), the robustness of plants to water constraints, the refining of wines, the reduction of hardship work.

In 2021, the Vignerons Engagés collective and Verallia launched a call for projects to financially support projects in favor of a sustainable and resilient wine sector. Château Sainte Roseline of course participated and presented the project on "Mycorrhization in response to water stress and reduction of inputs". The domain, represented by Fabien Lacomme, Director of Operations, was awarded the prize of Laureate at the SITEVI show in Montpellier last December.

An ambitious and meaningful project in which Château Sainte Roseline is proud to participate and which is fully in line with its CSR approach.