Waste management - Château Sainte Roseline

Waste management

All activities in the domain are concerned with waste management.

At the production level, many collection points have been welcoming cardboard, glass and plastic for several years now to be recovered by our local sorting centre.

Recently, we are finally recycling the widths of our labels (which were not part of the current recycling chain) by working in close collaboration with our printers. We also collect all the cork stoppers to give them to the France Cancer association, which then takes care of reselling them by the ton in order to be recycled.

Our 2 sales cellars are also collection points in the region.

In terms of administration services, the offices are all equipped with paper sorting bins. Our event department always directs its activity towards a more responsible approach and makes a point of enforcing waste sorting, working without plastic, recycling cigarette butts...

Waste is everyone's business, and we We are constantly on the lookout to improve processes and revive as many of them as possible.