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Cru Classé Côtes de Provence

Lampe de Méduse Cru Classé Rouge 2014

Le vin :
Product of France

A la vigne :
Under an environmentally-friendly approach, growing techniques such as ploughing and keeping grassy areas next to the vine rows are preferred. These practices are intended to preserve fauna and flora, ensuring the land remains healthy. We select bunches to control yields then remove leaves to make sure every bunch receives maximum sunshine.

Récolte :
Grapes are picked from late August to late September. Each varietal is fermented separately.

Vinification :
It all starts with double sorting of the harvest, followed by gravity-fed vatting. Before alcoholic fermentation, the grapes are cold macerated to bring out their fruitiness. Maturing temperatures are then strictly controlled and kept at 28 - 30 °C.
30-day vatting with moderate cap-punching gives the structure and suppleness of a great keeping wine. Following the alcoholic fermentation phase, the wine goes through malolactic fermentation.
The wine is then kept in tuns or barrels for 12 months. The blend of varietals gives this wine its characteristic harmony.

Cépages :
Cabernet-sauvignon : 20%
Carignan : 30%
Syrah : 50%

Spécifications techniques :