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Cru Classé Côtes de Provence

Lampe de Méduse Cru Classé Rouge 2014

A la vigne :
Involved in environment preservation, emphasis is placed on cultural practices such as plowing the soil and Retention and / grassy areas adjacent to the rows of vines. These practices are intended to maintain fauna and flora, and therefore guarantee the health of the soil We are conducting a fruit yeald control, then returns to stripping in order to ensure maximum sunlight in each cluster.

Récolte :
The grapes are harvested from late August to late September and the fermentation is done by grape variety.

Vinification :
Everything starts with a double sorting of the harvest then by a tank by gravity. The fermentation is preceded by a cold maceration of several days to exalt the fruity aromas of the grapes. The temperature will then be rigorously controlled vinification and maintained between 28 and 30 ° C. Fermentation time of 30 days and will get pigeages moderate structure and flexibility of a great wine for aging.
The wine is then put in new barrels or barrels where they will spend 12 months. The blending of grapes will produce harmony characteristic of this wine.

Cépages :
Cabernet-sauvignon : 20%
Carignan : 30%
Syrah : 50%

Spécifications techniques :