Vue extérieure Château Sainte Roseline

Ideally located in Les Arcs-Sur-Argens (30 min from Saint-Tropez, Cannes, & the Gorges du Verdon), Château Sainte-Roseline is a historic site and a Cru Classé de Provence.

11 & 12th centuries
The Roseline Chapel and the Cloister

The Chapel, built in the 11th century, and the Cloister, built right next to it in the 12th century, were both classified as historic monuments in 1980. The town chapel houses the body and relics of Saint Roseline, Mother Prioress of the Abbey of La Celle-Roubaud between 1300 and 1329. Many miracles led her to be canonised in the 19th century. That’s when the Chapel took the name of Saint Roseline. More information here. The Cloister, with its beautiful half-Romanesque half-Gothic rib vaults, is bordered by a bicentennial “Allée de platanes” (Alley of plane trees) that leads to the Château’s private park.

20th century
From Baron de Rasque de Laval to the Teillaud family

1955: Château Sainte Roseline is one of the first Crus Classés de Provence.

1994: Complete renovation of the Abbey following Bernard Teillaud’s purchase of the estate. He called on architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte to preserve the site’s nobility.

21st century
The modern era : Aurélie Bertin and Delphine Meunier

2011: Aurélie Bertin and Delphine Meunier, Bernard Teillaud’s daughters, bought Château Sainte Roseline from their father and have owned it ever since.

Cuvée lampe de méduse domaine viticole Sainte Roseline
In 2007, Aurélie Bertin-Teillaud leveraged her passion for this site to pursue the development of this Cru Classé de Provence and steered the estate towards a sustainable approach. The Teillaud family has always maintained a special and strong bond with contemporary art. That’s why every summer for over fifteen years, Château Sainte-Roseline has displayed works by established artists.
tonneau château Sainte Roseline
vignoble Château Sainte Roseline
110 hectares of vineyard
The vineyard of Château Sainte-Roseline provides an exceptional terroir for Provence: the clay-limestone soils and the underground spring allow the controlled nutrition of the vine necessary to produce great wines. In 1955, it received the "Cru Classé" designation. Today, the “AOP Cru Classé Côtes-de-Provence” vineyard extends over 110 hectares and grows 11 grape varieties, thus allowing the production of rosé, white and red wines on our Sainte- Roseline vineyard. The team ensures the proper development of the vine all year round thanks to sophisticated cultivation practices designed to increase grape concentration. This constant quest for quality has led us to adopt a particularly innovative and technologically advanced sorting system. Château Sainte-Roseline's ultra-modern wine cellar spreads across 800 m2. It is fitted with numerous thermo-regulated tanks, providing a fantastic working environment to our team of cellar masters. For red wines: Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cabernet Sauvignon. For rosé wines: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault and Tibouren. For white wines: Rolle and Sémillon.
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on the vdd label
The art of wine our societal commitment
The Sainte-Roseline estate in Les Arcs-sur-Argens has embarked on a transition process towards a more responsible development model, and wishes to implement a certified sustainable approach with the aim of obtaining the VDD label (Vignerons en développement durable – sustainable winemakers). This sustainable development approach - the only one dedicated to the wine industry – is particularly complete and balanced as it applies to the three cornerstones of sustainable development: social, environmental and economic. The estate strives to constantly improve its working methods and satisfy all stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers and surrounding communities.
Vignoble Château Sainte Roseline
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on the HEV 3 label
High environmental value
In France, the High Environmental Value is the highest of the three levels of environmental certification of farms whose rating is carried out on results obligations measured by strict environmental performance indicators (and not on obligations of means or This certification rewards farms that are committed to preserving the environment and limiting their footprint on the ecosystem that surrounds them.The Château Sainte Roseline will be officially certified High Environmental Value Level 3 in September 2019. This certification crowns Chateau's many environmental efforts over the past several years, and further underscores the group's broader commitment to sustainable development.