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Cru Classé Côtes de Provence

Cuvée Château Sainte Roseline Rosé - Cru Classé

风土与采收 :
This upscale cuvée is produced in limited quantities. It is made from a selection of our best lots and meets stringent production criteria in order to make the most perfect grape there is. Under the influence of the sea, the clay-limestone soils enable us to keep a fine acidity. Under an environmentally-friendly approach, growing techniques such as ploughing and keeping grassy areas next to the vine rows are preferred. These practices are intended to preserve fauna and flora, ensuring the land remains healthy. We select bunches to control yields then remove leaves to make sure every bunch receives maximum sunshine.

收获 :
The grapes are picked from late August to late September, at night to avoid any oxidation or colouring. Fermentation is done varietal by varietal. The cuvée is produced from carefully selected vines and a very specific blend.

酿造 :
The harvest is conveyed on a belt to avoid any damage to grapes, then carefully sorted and destemmed. The pneumatic presses are gravity-fed away from oxygen to protect the grapes’ full potential. The must goes through cold stabulation for 8 days, before alcoholic fermentation, resulting in clear juices. Temperatures are controlled and kept at 18°C throughout alcoholic fermentation, which takes 10 to 14 days. Following fermentation, the wines are refrigerated to block malolactic fermentation then matured on lees with stirring.

Cépages :
Grenache : 20%
Mourvèdre : 15%
Syrah : 30%
Tibouren : 35%

Spécifications techniques :
酒精度 (% vol.) : 13,5