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Cru Classé Côtes de Provence

Cuvée la Chapelle de Sainte Roseline Rosé - Cru Classé

葡萄酒 :
Produit de France

风土与采收 :
This vintage high-end wine is produced in limited quantity and comes from a selection of our best plots and meets the most stringent production to finally obtain perfect grapes. The Mourvèdre grape expresses itself perfectly due to the clay and chalk soil. Caring about the environment, emphasis is placed on cultural practices such as plowing the soil and maintaining grass-areas adjacent to the vines. These practices are intended to maintain fauna and flora, and therefore guarantee the health of the soil. We conduct a fruit volume control by stripping in order to ensure maximum sunlight in each grape.

酿造 :
The harvest is done by night to preserve the colour. In the cellar, the grapes are carried by a conveyor, avoiding the deterioration of the berries, then carefully sorted and de-stemmed. The berries are pressed gently with pneumatic inert presses, thus avoiding oxidation. The must is then racked, to obtain clear juice before fermentation. Temperatures are controlled throughout the fermentation to maximize the aromatic expression. Once it is completed, the wines are aged on lees with stirring. In January, the wines are tasted to determine the final assembly, then bottled.

Cépages :
Cinsault : 30%
Grenache : 10%
Mourvèdre : 55%
Rolle : 5%

Spécifications techniques :
酒精度 (% vol.) : 13,1