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Perle By Roseline White

风土与采收 :
The vineyard is managed traditionally, in accordance with the land’s natural features and with the aim of adapting to each varietal’s specificities. The quality of the techniques used is verified by a production charter with our partners, as well as constant monitoring by our oenologist.

收获 :
Late August-late September.

酿造 :
Grapes are pressed gently with pneumatic presses to keep the tannins in. The must is then settled to give a clear juice prior to alcoholic fermentation.
Temperatures are kept at 18°C throughout alcoholic fermentation, which takes 10 to 14 days. After this stage the wine is refrigerated to block malolactic fermentation. It is tasted in December to determine the final blend, then bottled in January.

Cépages :
Ugni blanc

Spécifications techniques :